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Heroku Style Guide  

Heroku’s recently released “Purple” is a Bootstrap inspired front-end framework that’s easy on the eyes. It highlights the design elements of the Heroku branding and overall aesthetic.

The Changelog Podcast #142 with Taylor Otwell  

The Changelog podcast series features Taylor Otwell in the latest episode. Of course the main topic is Laravel. It’s full of interesting information from Taylor regarding how the framework came to be what it is today.

Starting Positive  

Taylor Otwell:

Once my mind is clear, it’s easier to approach the day with a positive attitude!

I personally find a nice cup of coffee and quiet music in my headphones an ideal way to start the day. As I caffeinate I review my pending tasks in OmniFocus and subtract items from my email inbox… happiness through calm and subtraction.

CodeRunner 2

I rely on CodeRunner quite a bit to test snippets of code during app development. Essentially, it runs the code and displays the result in a preview pane. It can run Ruby, Python, PHP, JavaScript, and Swift amongst an array of other languages. I use it so often I can’t imagine not having it in my toolbox. It’s truly hard to overstate the greatness of this app.

CodeRunner just hit version 2, adding a lot of polish and extra features. It now supports more programming languages and has the ability to import TextMate syntax themes. It definitely feels more at home on OS X Yosemite than before. Version 2 is a free upgrade to users who own the MAS version. If you don’t already own this app it’s currently only $10 which is a steal.

“Screw You, Angular”  

Speaking of JavaScript frameworks, the recent Angular 2.0 announcement has been the source of a lot of developer drama, some of it warranted, some not so much.

The Road to Ember 2.0  

Version 2.0 marks the transformation of Ember from simply an MVC framework to a complete front-end stack.

It’s still the early days of JavaScript MVC frameworks but if you code web apps for a living you should be excited about the direction things are headed. I’ve traditionally focused on the back-end but I’ve been increasingly getting things done using a front-end approach.

Laravel 5.0 Environment Detection  

Matt Stauffer:

Simple, easy, powerful. And this will completely invalidate all of my blog posts, workarounds, and complaints about environment detection in Laravel. Now it’s simple to define your environment name and your environment variables in a single, consistent, predictable manner.

Laravel 5.0 will solve a lot of pain points for me with the framework. Better environment handling is a welcomed development.

Laravel Elixir  

Beautiful Gulp tasks for your Laravel applications.

I’ve been hoping for this feature for quite some time.

Marriott Hotels Fined by FCC for Blocking Guests’ WiFi  

Katia Hetter:

Marriott has agreed to pay a $600,000 fine after the Federal Communications Commission found the company blocked consumer Wi-Fi networks last year during an event at a hotel and conference center in Nashville.

At the same time, Marriott was charging exhibitors and others as much as $1,000 per device to access the hotel’s wireless network, the FCC announced Friday.

It’s a shame the fine wasn’t much greater. This type of behavior is completely unacceptable.